CumulusPro ID verification app reduces customer handling time by 45% for Ria Money Transfer

Singapore, 3 February 2021 - CumulusPro recently caught up with Mr. Ramesh Chaulagain, Director of Retail sales and Marketing, Ria Money Transfer. In 2018, Ria Money Transfer engaged CumulusPro to implement an ID verification solution to help comply with the stringent Anti-Money Laundering Activities Act (AMLA) requirements for their money remittance business.

What the customer says today -

“We are extremely satisfied with the outcome upon adoption of the CumulusPro solution. At Ria Money Transfer, we recognised that our customer experience is the main driver of customer retention, and our business can’t grow if we can’t keep our customers. Reducing customer handling time resulted in an immediate and exponential decrease in overall queueing time. As each of our stores has limited waiting space and cashiers, the reduction of 45% handling time for new customers increased the number of customers we are able to serve during our operational hours. At the same time, reducing the overall waiting time for every customer improved our customer experience that resulted in lesser customer drop-offs and complaint cases from frustrated customers as well.”

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