CumulusPro and Belgian social enterprise, For Good, come together to reduce carbon ‘foodprint’

Luzern, Switzerland, 12 January 2016 - To raise awareness on environmental impact, Belgian social enterprise ‘For Good’ built an app to keep track of a person’s short and long-term carbon footprint based on his or her general lifestyle choices - such as modes of transportation, energy use and food pattern.

As a company with specialist expertise in mobile and cloud-based technology, CumulusPro is the perfect partner to For Good’s socially responsible initiatives. CumulusPro’s rich ecosystem means that it is able to combine the core competencies of its array of partners, together with its own strengths in cloud-based solutions of engagement, so as to build cohesive and comprehensive solutions that benefit all parties with which it engages - including For Good.

Using CumulusPro’s mobile and cloud-based technologies, For Good’s app is now able to track a user’s carbon footprint based on his or her food choices. CumulusPro’s Mobile SDK technology is optimised for this, allowing users to capture receipts from their supermarket shopping using their mobile devices. These captured receipts are uploaded on to CumulusPro’s cloud-based Straatos platform, which automatically recognises, classifies and matches the food items on the supermarket receipts with information on the For Good database. The volume of food items such as meat, fruits and vegetables are translated in terms of carbon dioxide emission, and the results displayed on a dashboard where users can monitor their habits and make informed decisions on reducing their carbon ‘foodprint’.

Joachim Froning, VP Sales EMEA with CumulusPro, is delighted to have had the opportunity to participate in this project. “If everyone continues to live the way we do now, we will need more than four times the resources that our planet can provide. When our Belgian partners Spigraph and DocByte came to us with this opportunity, we knew we had to get involved. This landmark project is not only aligned with CumulusPro’s sense of social responsibility; it also demonstrates our technological leadership in mobile document capture and data transformation.”

Koen Jaspers, founding partner For Good, is pleased with the opportunity presented by CumulusPro’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model. “We were keen on this partnership with CumulusPro because of their technological experience and expertise - and also because of their pay-as-you-go business model. Doing good for the planet should not be a financially crippling task, and we were happy that For Good did not have to make a hefty upfront investment in order to get this app into the Belgian market - nor will we have to do this when we decide to scale it to a global level later.”

With the view that the most effective way to help the planet is to act in numbers, this app was initially launched for users in the B2B environment as an innovative way of supporting large-scale, new or existing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Nevertheless, this app will soon be made available to consumers on an individual level so everyone can keep track of their carbon ‘foodprint’ and do good for our planet.

About CumulusPro

CumulusPro helps businesses to rapidly transform to digital enterprises by connecting people, process and application. Our cloud-based Business Process Management Platform - Straatos is designed to revolutionise how organisations and public institutions digitally communicate and collaborate with their customers, citizen, and partners. Digital enterprises typically improve their customer experience, and increase customer satisfaction, business efficiency, and productivity while reducing cost and time to market.

About For Good

As humans, we are all aware of the adverse impact we have on the planet with the choices we make in our everyday lives. However, we don’t feel personally responsible for the natural disasters that come about as a result of global warming. For Good strives to bridge the gap between global effects and individual choices – by constantly looking to guide people towards real-life and sustainable steps that can make positive changes for the benefit of our planet.

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Gillian Lim
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