CumulusPro and Malaysia’s leading Green IT Partner, Rentwise Sdn Bhd comes together to reduce carbon footprint for the environment

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 01 July 2019 - CumulusPro is pleased to announce that Rentwise Sdn Bhd had successfully digitised their Contract Management Processes using CumulusPro’s Straatos BPM platform and Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint.

Being one of the leading Green IT Partners in Malaysia, Rentwise Sdn Bhd offers a complete End-to-End green IT infrastructure and Asset Lifecycle Management solutions to more than 200 clients in Malaysia and Singapore. As a socially responsible organisation, Rentwise’s business in providing IT equipment on lease, remanufactured option and cloud-based business applications helps ensure a smaller carbon footprint for our environment.

An organisation that walks-the-talk, Rentwise has chosen CumulusPro’s cloud-based BPM platform, Straatos to digitally transform their business processes. Starting with contract management department in the first project phase, and extending the transformation to their HR department in the second phase. Upon completion of these 2 phases, Rentwise will offer CumulusPro’s solutions to their clients as a SaaS model.

“If we continue to use huge amount of paper for our work, purchase and operate huge arsenals of hardware in every organisation, we will need to chop down more trees, and burn more fossil fuel for higher electrical consumption.” said Adeline Tan, Sales Director, CumulusPro. “When Rentwise presented us with this opportunity to work with them, we had to get involved. The partnership is not only aligned with CumulusPro’s sense of corporate social responsibility (CSR), it also demonstrates our solution’s capability in digitally transforming an organisation in a very short period.”

Wiinie Khong, Financial Controller, Rentwise Sdn Bhd added “We are happy that cloud technologies as well as the pay-as-you-go SaaS business model enable us to take a step forward in going green. At the same time with CumulusPro SaaS business model, we need not make a hefty upfront investment to get started. We are also looking forward to offer CumulusPro’s cloud BPM services to our clients in the short future.”

About CumulusPro

CumulusPro helps businesses to rapidly transform into digital enterprises by Connecting People, Process and Application. CumulusPro’s cloud-based Business Process Management (BPM) Platform, Straatos, is designed to revolutionise how organisations and public institutions digitally communicate and collaborate with their customers, citizens and partners. Digital enterprises typically improve their customer experience, increase customer’s satisfaction, business efficiency and productivity while reducing cost and time to market.

About Rentwise Sdn Bhd

Rentwise is a leading provider of Green IT Infrastructure Services. By understanding their clients’ IT goals, Rentwise delivers products and services with a valued difference, at the same time, protecting our environment. As a trusted partner, Rentwise takes care of their clients’ IT efficiencies to enable them to focus on their business aspirations. Having over 18 years of experience in providing a holistic IT rental solution which today supports over 200 medium to large corporations across diverse industries both in Malaysia and Singapore.

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Gillian Lim
Sr. Vice President, Marketing