CumulusPro launches IDentify+ Digital ID Verification Platform

Luzern, Switzerland, 17 July 2017 - CumulusPro is pleased to announce the launch of IDentify+. An innovative, cloud-based ID verification platform, IDentify+ delivers a fast and simple customer onboarding experience, reduces fraud and expedites regulatory compliance.

“In a world where proof of identity has become essential for the processing of online transactions as well as access to goods and services, identity (ID) verification has never been more important.” said Giulio Battistini, CEO CumulusPro. “IDentify+ provides financial institutions and online businesses with a quick and simple way to instantly verify the identities and other credentials of their customers for regulatory compliance. It turns customers’ smart-phones or computers into an ID scanning terminal that can easily verify ID and other credentials to meet KYC requirements and ensure customers are onboarded quickly and securely.”

As a cloud-based platform, IDentify+ instantly extracts data from government issued ID documents such as national ID’s, passports and driving licenses. The service validates legitimate ID’s, eliminates fake ones, then auto-populates the information into online transaction forms while validating it agains set regulatory or internal policies.

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