Restaurant chain in Asia selects CumulusPro Invoice+

Singapore, 8 June 2016 - CumulusPro is pleased to announce a prominent restaurant chain in Asia selects Invoice+ as their invoice processing platform across their outlets and regional offices located in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Processing of invoices was highly manual, making it tedious and time consuming to trace any discrepancies between invoices, delivered items and sales orders. The restaurant chain needed a solution that was cost-efficient, automated, and can be implemented easily and quickly across suppliers and outlets in multiple geographical locations.

In the solution, CumulusPro provided the restaurant’s suppliers across the 3 countries with Print+, an Internet printer driver. The suppliers now can print invoices directly from their ERP system which automatically sends the invoices to Invoice+ in searchable PDF format. Upon receipt of the electronic invoices, accounts payable personnel in Singapore finance office can validate and process the invoices immediately.

Because Invoice+ is accessible from anywhere with a web browser, and with an intuitive user interface, no software installation and user training is required for internal users (AP personnel & outlet managers). Their suppliers continue to do what they have always been doing and yet saving paper and postage cost by printing and sending electronic invoices from their ERP/accounting system.

Adeline Tan, CumulusPro’s Sales Director (Asia) described how the restaurant chain has benefited from transforming their manual process into an efficient, and paperless one: “After implementing Invoice+, the restaurant chain was able to create transparency between their order and delivery process; eliminate the submission and handling of paper invoices; process invoices more quickly, leading to quicker processing of payments, better supplier relationship; and keep costs low and start reaping benefits quickly with rapid deployment of Invoice+ and distribution of Print+. Our Software-as-a-Service payment model also means that the restaurant chain did not need to make a high capital investment in order to implement this new system – making Invoice+ a low-risk and high-return solution.”

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