POD (Proof-of-Delivery) Solution

Having trouble on getting prompt Proof-of-Delivery documents from your 3PL/4PL logistics partners?

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Time for a digital approach

CumulusPro POD solution empowers your logistics providers to digitise and submit signed Proof-of-Delivery (POD) documents electronically by using any input channels including mobile devices from anywhere anytime. The information from the POD images are then automatically processed with AI data extraction, and automatically verified against the master delivery database.

Download use case: Mobile POD solution for The Bakery


Digitize Logistics

Always on time proof

Proof-of-Delivery (POD) documents are easily digitised by your delivery service personnels using our mobile app. Captured images and information are readily accessible to your organisation upon goods delivered.

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Electronic Proof of Delivery

Increase operational efficiency and productivity

No more flipping through dusty drawers, electronic POD's are searchable by key indexes like date of delivery, customer ID's or names, and accessible from any of your preferred content management solution (CMS).

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Proof of Delivery App

Improve cash flow and reduce DSO (days sales outstanding) period

With quick digitising of the POD documents, you can be assured no POD documents are lost and information is promptly updated. This will ensure prompt billing and quick payment dispute resolution with accelerated exception management resulting in better operational cash flow and a shorter DSO period for your business.

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Powered by Straatos

CumulusPro POD+ solution runs on Straatos BPM Platform. With simple drag-and-drop actions, you can create or modify your organisation's POD process flow, automate tasks, create routing rules, design decision gateways, or simply reuse existing processes for new business processes.

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Mobile Proof of Delivery Solution