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Create business apps on Straatos BPM Platform that your business needs. From enterprise-level process automation workflow, like Procure-to-Pay (P2P) workflows to a simple mobile app that captures, processes and uploads business documents to any back-end system.

Accelerate digital transformation

Transform traditional working methodologies and habits into modern digital workflows, so employees and customers can access information from anywhere, and collaborate anytime.


Combining modern web technology with an easy-to-use graphical drag-and-drop interface.

The Process Designer empowers both technical and business users to design business processes collaboratively. It's so simple to use that business users can make necessary changes to the processes to suit the business requirements.

Process Designer



Straatos BPM Platform enables collaboration between customers, employees, business owners, and developers to rapidly develop and deploy business apps.

Straatos business apps help organisations to automate mundane tasks and operate their business processes digitally, using best-of-breed BPM methodologies, machine learning, cloud, mobile, and web technologies.

Straatos BPM


Improve accuracy by removing human errors.

Deploy app services like data extraction services that use machine learning algorithms, rule-based approvals, automated postal code, or business registration checks.

Create, test, and deploy app services to automate business processes in minutes.

Process Automation



Monitor and manage all Straatos resources from the Admin Panel.

A single touch-point that controls, configures and manages all your business apps that your organization needs.

Monitor the health and stability of your business process landscape to manage bottlenecks, usage, and user access.

Admin Panel

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