Automated digital ID verification in real-time

Cloud-based digital ID verification platform that delivers quick and efficient onboarding experience for your customers.

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Biometrics facial recognition

Using a combination of ID verification and facial recognition technology, IDentify+ enforces an authentication process that requires your customers to perform a second level identity verification to carry out delicate transactions such as transferring money online.

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Prevent fraud and ensure KYC and AML compliance

IDentify+ provides financial institutions peace of mind that their customers’ identities do actually exists and checks them against the International PEP (Politically Exposed Person) and Sanction databases. Turn your customer's smart-phone or computer into an ID document and scanning tool that makes it fast and easy to verify their IDs, meeting KYC and AML requirements, and preventing fraud in less than a minute.

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Cloud Based Verification

Increase conversions and reduce drop-outs

Provides online and mobile business a quick and easy way for customers to instantly verify their identities and other credentials for regulatory compliance. IDentify+ Instantly extracts data from government issued ID documents, auto-populate the information into the transaction forms while validating them against set regulatory policies. Examples - minimum age, country of residence.

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Improve customer experience with automated form filling

Data from the national ID, driver licenses, passports and any government issued travel documents are automatically extracted, verified and populated into transaction forms. Impress your customers with a quick onboarding experience that they can talk about.

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ID Verification

Seamless multi-channel integration

If your online business requires a customer Digital ID verification service instantly, the good news is IDentify+ verification service is easily integrated into any web portals or mobile app with its mobile SDK (iOS and Android) and Web APIs.

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