Straatos Process Monitor

  • Full visibility into business processes and actionable insights.
  • Graphical representation with workflow visualisation and drill-down capabilities.
  • Track and take action on process bottlenecks.

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Process Monitor in action

Straatos Process Monitor provides the real-time insights of content and process data required to analyse the effectiveness of your digital business. You can quickly identify process bottlenecks and have an overview of ongoing and completed transactions. Discover and address critical process issues that, if unchecked, would lead to operational issues or missed opportunities.

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Streamline visibility

Through the use of intuitive graphical tools, you can get end-to-end visibility into business transactions and digital processes. View, filter, and investigate operational data to appreciate current operating conditions and diagnose future problems.

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Access additional data

Search and view the document’s content and process data in the context of each business document. The additional information on the document’s content and related process data helps you understand current operating conditions and prevent future process issues.

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Monitor document processes

Monitor the number of documents processed or in the queue waiting at each stage of your business process. Search and view the documents, with information on their process steps and activities to see a more granular breakdown that provides insight into issues or improvement opportunities.

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