Accelerate your mortgage origination process and improve customer acquisition by leveraging a multichannel customer engagement infrastructure, seamless integration with credit bureaus, external systems, and third party applications on CumulusPro Straatos BPM Platform.


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Mortgage+ is a mortgage application framework that delivers agility for the lender's current process requirements and caters for future changes. Mortgage+ is adept at streamlining the mortgage origination and customer onboarding process through Straatos BPM workflow automation capabilities. It provides rule-based review and approval workflows, electronic document capture, and verification processes. This enables lenders to significantly improve business productivity, eliminate operational inefficiencies, and lower costs by automating and streamlining the mortgage application process. Relevant documents, metadata, and process information captured during the application process can be exported to any content management repository for easy access and to ensure regulatory compliance.

Mortgage+ provides a unified mortgage application process platform for the digital lender. Integration with core banking solutions, selected rating applications, credit bureau systems, and approved third-party software is made easy with Straatos’ open architecture, and modern web service technologies (API’s). This is essential to ensure consistent ratings and check results.

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Enhancing the customer experiences

By ensuring the most crucial touchpoints such as the submission and approval of mortgage application is customer-friendly, lenders deliver customer satisfaction which is a significant step towards building long-term customer relation and loyalty. Engage more customers through Mortgage+ multichannel input infrastructure, as it supports the information capture of loan applications and supporting documents via web forms, emails, social chatbots, embedded web scanning ,or other digital communication channels of their choices.

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Keeping customers engaged

It is vital to keep the customers engaged and informed of the progress throughout the mortgage application process. Straatos multichannel communication capabilities keeps mortgage applicants on informed and engaged throughout the application process in real-time with mobile in-app notifications, emails, and/or SMS.

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Agile business process management platform

Delivered from Straatos cloud-based BPM Platform, Mortgage+ provides agility to lenders to meet evolving regulatory environment. Using BPMN standards and an open web architecture, Mortgage+ is not a hard-coded black box but allows for quick changes on processes, business rules, routing logic, and mortgage calculations.


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right technology

Better process control

Through Straatos graphical Process Monitor dashboards and functional metrics, process owners have real-time overview of active mortgage applications. Modifying process flows and drilling down each work stages and tasks becomes easy using Straatos Process Designer and Monitor. Process owners can resolve bottlenecks by assigning application cases to another workstep or user with a few clicks of the button.

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Applicant pre-screening and qualification

Customisable web forms are available for online data entry and eligibility qualifications. This helps to eliminate data entry duplication and identify possible defaulters based on configurable rule-based backend checks and integrated external credit checks. As an option, Mortgage+ works with IDentify+ digital ID verification cloud platform to deliver quick and efficient customer onboarding and identity verification.

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right technology

right technology

An integrated lenders community

Mortgage+ gives lenders, service providers, and independent software providers more control and flexibility with new functions and applications that improve efficiency, quality, and compliance. Connect or build third party applications, or integrate external systems (credit bureau, blacklist checks, ID verification) on Mortgage+. Gain competitive advantage by differentiating your services from competitors by rapidly deploying innovative and customised solutions for a quicker go to market.

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