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Invoice+ digitise and automate your invoice processes so that you can collaborate with your suppliers through a web browser.

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Rapid user onboarding

Invoice+ can be implemented quickly and users onboarded immediately with no software installation required and an intuitive user interface. A selection of pre-configured invoice process templates ensures that your suppliers and Accounts Payable (AP) personnel can submit, collaborate, and process invoices on a web browser in the shortest time.

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rapid onboarding

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Kickstart your invoice automation project

No need for tedious process designing from scratch. Start by copying an existing BPMN standard process flow, or choose an existing process template that best suits your organisation's invoice process flow.

Download solution paper: Invoice Process Automation for Accountants (SME)


Greater control and increased visibility

Your Accounts Payable (AP) staff can access the invoices as soon as they're submitted. Finance heads can also monitor the process flows real-time, identify bottlenecks, and resolve them immediately. Audit trail of each invoice can be viewed throughout the invoice process, and exported when the process is completed.

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Accelerate Accounts Payable (AP) processes with collaboration

Get notified through rule-based notifications and in-app alerts of new tasks, missing goods receipts, exception handling, and others. AP personnels and suppliers can collaborate throughout the invoice process by leaving comments and instructions. These comments remain in the process history and can be exported upon completion of each invoice process.

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Automate your invoice processes with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Invoice+ automatically determine invoice process routes and/or approval policy, using accurate invoice information (like supplier information, invoice number, payment terms, item codes or invoice amount) that are extracted using machine learning technology and AI capabilities.

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integrated solutions

Drive productivity and efficiency with ERP integration and invoice process automation

Invoice+ matches invoice information with your ERP's databases, including supplier list, purchase orders, and goods receipts. Automation drives efficiency and cost savings by automatically identifying duplicate invoice numbers, preventing duplicate payments, and minimising the workload of your Accounts Payable staff so they are available for more value-driven tasks.

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Enable your suppliers to go paperless

Generate and submit electronic invoices directly from your suppliers' ERP application, to eliminate the need for manual filing and tracing of paper invoices. Input channels include instant messengers, email, mobile app, smart MFP devices, web-embedded scan (within ERP applications or web portals), and virtual printing (Print+) technology.

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Free Mobile Document Capture App

Get CumulusPro's free Mobile Document Capture app from Google Play or Apple iTunes store. With the mobile app, anyone can capture invoices and supporting documents on their mobile devices and submit them from anywhere in the world.

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