Expense claims app

CumulusPro web and mobile expense claims app is a cloud-based expense management software solution that helps businesses to ensure employees comply with corporate HR policy, and where employees and managers can submit or approve claims for reimbursement without hassle.

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"Thanks to Straatos rapid prototyping concept, the time taken from conception to go live takes only 2 months. Straatos BPM Platform’s agility and flexibility as a business transformation platform allows us to create a market differentiation by capitalising on our experience and creativity."

Jack Wright
Sales Director, YourDMS Limited (United Kingdom)


Expense management solution for the digital organisation

  • Reduce costs – lowers overall claims processing costs.
  • Simplified and easy to use – data are automatically populated into expense claims.
  • Compliance – your HR policies are configured in the solution.
  • Increase employee satisfaction with faster reimbursement.
  • Digital transformation by going paperless through web and mobile receipts submission.

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A mobile experience for the employees

It has never been easier for your employees to manage their expenses on the go. The mobile expense claims app enables claimants to initiate the claims process by capturing receipts from any smartphone or tablet device.

Snap and upload receipts as at the time of spending and submit the trip's expenses for approval before they even get back to their desks.

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- Expense claims app


Simple, convenient, effective

Reduce employees’ time and effort spent on claims submission with the app. Using the expense claim app, they can capture individual receipts on-the-go, and submit the complete expense report at the end of the month. No more lost or damaged receipts. Claims are submitted on time and employees are reimbursed quickly.

Automatic compliance

Shift from reactive to proactive compliance management by embedding corporate policies into in-policy data checks and multi level approval matrix. Complex corporate policies can be easily transformed into consistent business rules on Straatos BPM Platform.