Mobile Document Capture

Capture documents directly from CumulusPro’s Mobile Document Capture App
that is optimised for document image processing and one that seamlessly integrates with many business applications or BPM solutions.


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Engage Customers in Real Time

Engage customers with an easy-to-use, intuitive mobile app that scans and indexes documents as well as interacts with business processes. Gain customer satisfaction by delivering services through their preferred mobile devices.

Extend the Solution to New Processes

CumulusPro’s Mobile Document Capture App works seamlessly with Straatos BPM platform. Simply add the app as an input channel on the Straatos BPMN process and extend mobile customer engagement such as Know-Your-Customer (KYC), customer onboarding, loan origination and new account openings.

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Mobile KYC Solution with Real-time ID Verification

Turn customer’s smart-phone or computer into an ID scanning terminal that is easy to use. CumulusPro mobile KYC solution automatically verifies the ID and performs background credentials checks to meet KYC requirements and reduce origination fraud in less than a minute.

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Capture Perfect Mobile Images Every Time

Businesses can’t predict the image quality or user's skill in photographing documents from their mobile devices. Our cloud-based central administration tool enables global configuration of mobile camera and image quality settings, indexing fields set-up for everyone. All users need to do is point and snap, and images are assured of best quality images, that delivers best data extraction.

Download: Award Winning Success Story


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Improved Process Performance

Improve process performance and increase customer satisfaction by eliminating data entry. Images captured by the CumulusPro Mobile Document Capture App are optimised for OCR extraction, which means there is no need for any data entry. This reduces tedious manual interventions and validation, which in turn, helps to improve customer service and satisfaction.

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Self-serve Customer Engagement

Accelerate business processes by enabling customers to self-serve and complete their transactions from their preferred mobile input channel. Empowering customers with image-enabled capabilities and real-time collaborations deliver a positive end-to end experience.

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