Global pneumatic products manufacturer deploys CumulusPro cloud invoice processing platform for their Asia Pacific operations

Singapore, 4 September 2018 - CumulusPro is pleased to announce that a global pneumatics manufacturer has implemented CumulusPro Invoice+ to automate the invoice processing at their Shared Service Center (SSC) in Philippines. Supporting 75 offices in Asia Pacific, the manufacturer’s SSC handles hundreds of thousands of vendor invoices on an annual basis.

Managing multi-locational accounting operations is not without its challenges; maintaining books of accounts of multiple business entities, given the different currencies, as well as different accounting standards, different practices, rules and regulations. High percentages of manual processing also resulted in significant human errors. Combined with a lack of central or standardised invoice management processes lead to unnecessary operational inconveniences. (eg. unpaid invoices and associated tangible and intangible costs)

With the implementation of Invoice+, the manufacturer’s SSC replaces manual processing and disparated procedures in their Asia Pacific offices, with a cloud-based invoice processing solution that is designed to streamline and automate invoice processes. Invoice+ helps the manufacturer eliminates routine tasks, speeds up the overall invoice process, and ultimately provides a cloud based invoice automation platform for a controlled and consistent invoice processing environment.

Benefits of invoice process automation

Invoice+ was selected for its ease of use, scalability and rapid deployment features. The manufacturer has achieved numerous benefits, including:

  • Enabling each of the office to lower human error rates through automation technologies.
  • Better collaboration between financial operational staff and external vendors through Invoice+ multichannel framework.
  • Invoice data are no longer processed on “islands of system” but on a single platform.
  • Lower total cost of ownership of systems as there are no need to purchase a software license for multiple users.
  • Improve employee’s satisfaction by replacing mundane manual tasks with automation technology (eg. Data entry, auto data verification).
  • Better and predictable consolidated cash flow management.
  • Better vendor relations translating to on time delivery service and better bulk or early payment discounts.

“CumulusPro Invoice+ can be easily configured with the best practices to standardize all invoice processes. Furthermore, business rules and manager approvals are easily configured on our + low code development platform.” remarks Adeline Tan, Sales Director, CumulusPro. “We understand that one size does not fit all. Which is why business logic and approval rules on Invoice+ can be modified easily to accommodate different accounting practices, and changes in a growing organization.”

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