CumulusPro Launches Machine Learning Capabilities for Document Processing on Straatos

Luzern, Switzerland, 20 October 2016 - CumulusPro announces the availability of Machine Learning capabilities for Document processing and Data Extraction services on their Straatos Cloud BPM platform.

“We believe that the combination of cloud-based BPM platform and Machine Learning technology in document processing is a perfect match.” said Giulio Battistini, CEO CumulusPro. “The cloud is the perfect ecosystem to gather document samples that are needed for the machine learning knowledge base. The more document samples that are learnt by the engine, the smarter it gets.”

Most data capture solutions uses layout templates which experts manually design predictable patterns for different documents based on predefined logic. However, this only caters for known document types, which means every time there is a new document structure, a new template is required.

With Machine Learning, the system simply look, learns and understand languages, document types, context and details of how document content are structured. This makes automated data extraction more accurate while decreasing time and cost on manual data entry and tedious template configuration.

About CumulusPro

CumulusPro helps businesses to rapidly transform to digital enterprises by connecting people, process and application. Our cloud-based Business Process Management Platform - Straatos is designed to revolutionise how organisations and public institutions digitally communicate and collaborate with their customers, citizen, and partners. Digital enterprises typically improve their customer experience, and increase customer satisfaction, business efficiency, and productivity while reducing cost and time to market.

For further information, please contact:

Gillian Lim
Sr. Vice President, Marketing