Marcel Kip, Managing Partner, DocAssist B.V. shares his success of winning 30 customers on Straatos BPM Platform

Luzern, Switzerland, 20 May 2019

Giulio Battistini (GB): What led to your success of getting 30 customers on Straatos Platform in a relatively short span of time?

Marcel Kip (MK): I strongly believe that the first key factor is “Simplicity”, followed by “Reusability” and “Affordability” when digitising our customers business processes. DocAssist’s target market are the small and medium businesses, which are characterised by moderate business transactions volume with uncomplex workflow processes. At the moment, we focus and specialise on one financial process, which is the Procure-to-Pay process. We kept it simple for our SMB’s customers by offering straight-forward, no bells-and-whistles sales order processing and invoice automation applications.

GB: Digital transformation journey for organisations is a holistic approach in evolving their business and operation models using technologies. Your strategy of offering SMB customers a simple solution of digitising their financial process sounds good. Could you elaborate further on the importance of “Reusability” and “Affordability”?

MK: As a small business ourselves, we need speed. We have to be fast in demonstrating working prototypes during presales stage, and we need speed in deploying production workflows. Customers need to be onboarded quickly, as well as for them to realise tangible and intangible benefits in the shortest possible time. The secret to speed is simplicity, we offer an easy-to-understand, hassle-free deployment and easy-to-use solution.

GB: I completely understand your sentiments. Speed can only be achieved if the BPM platform and components are highly reusable and replicable. This way, our partners like yourself are able to demonstrate and deploy digital process rapidly by using existing process templates. We accomplished this in our solution by adopting the industrial BPMN 2.0 standards as the workflow foundation. With BPMN 2.0, Straatos processes are highly replicable, portable and editable. At the same time, Straatos cloud architecture makes it extremely agile, scalable, and affordable.

MK: To add to your last statement, because CumulusPro solution is offered as a SaaS model, this makes it affordable for the SMB’s customers. Gone are the days where customers need to invest on hardware, software licenses and recurring annual software maintenance fees. With SaaS model, no volume is too big or too small and there is no upfront fee involved. Besides, our customers do not need any local IT resources for software installation, process design, and maintenance. Our professional service team can perform all these tasks remotely from our office in the Netherlands. This makes our solution affordable and attractive to the small and medium businesses.

About DocAssist B.V.

DocAssist helps companies and organizations with the digital transformation journey by connecting people, processes and applications in order to optimize information logistics. A digital organization easily improve customer experience, business efficiency and productivity in order to simultaneously reduce operational costs, increase profit in a more sustainable way.

DocAssist provides Cloud Solutions and Services for intelligent process automation with a key focus on procure-to-pay(P2P) business processes and document management and P2P processes.

About CumulusPro

CumulusPro helps businesses to rapidly transform to digital enterprises by connecting people, process and application. Our cloud-based Business Process Management Platform - Straatos is designed to revolutionise how organisations and public institutions digitally communicate and collaborate with their customers, citizens, and partners. Digital enterprises typically improve their customer experience, and increase customer satisfaction, business efficiency, and productivity while reducing cost and time to market.

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