UK-based SmartSearch launches mobile app with CumulusPro’s mobile capture technology

Luzern, Switzerland, 31 March 2016 - UK-based SmartSearch expand their service offerings to their clients with a new mobile app for their Anti Money Laundering (AML) verification platform. Using CumulusPro’s proven mobile capture technology, the Smart IDV app enables SmartSearch’s clients to capture documents (such as passports, driving licenses, ID cards, residency permits and others) with their mobile devices, in perfect quality. They can also submit these documents immediately, and securely, from anywhere at any time.

Our principle requirement was to remotely capture high quality images and data in an efficient and convenient manner. Prior to the introduction of Smart IDV captured images were poor quality and badly aligned which meant our OCR process encountered a high level of data issues. The new Smart IDV app enables novice users to easily and quickly take quality scans with their mobile devices, these images are now aligned correctly ensuring we maintain a high standard of OCR readability.

As a company with specialist expertise in mobile and cloud-based technology, CumulusPro and their UK partner Spigraph are the ideal partners to help SmartSearch engage with their clients while improving the efficiency of their document capture and submission process. CumulusPro’s rich ecosystem means that it is able to combine the core competencies of its array of partners, together with its own strengths in cloud-based solutions of engagement, so as to build cohesive and comprehensive solutions that benefit all parties with which it engages – including SmartSearch.

Joachim Froning, VP Sales EMEA, CumulusPro, is pleased to work with a company that has the level of authority of SmartSearch. “Across the UK, SmartSearch is a trusted name in AML services – so it’s only natural that when they decided to enter the mobile space, they came to CumulusPro for our credibility and expertise in that area. Through this project, we’re further strengthening our position as technological leaders in mobile document capture.”

Martin Cheek SmartSearch’s Managing Director recognized the importance of remote image data capture especially for our users that deal with international clients. “Most international markets have little or no automated identity data so we have to rely on the use of government procured documents for AML verification and Sanction & PEP compliance. Therefore the Smart IDV app is a key component in delivering both reliable high quality data capture in a convenient and user friendly process. In an age where almost everyone has access to a mobile device, it makes sense to empower our customers through this familiar channel.”

The SmartSearch mobile app is now available for iOS and Android devices.

About CumulusPro

CumulusPro helps businesses to rapidly transform to digital enterprises by connecting people, process and application. Our cloud-based Business Process Management Platform - Straatos is designed to revolutionise how organisations and public institutions digitally communicate and collaborate with their customers, citizen, and partners. Digital enterprises typically improve their customer experience, and increase customer satisfaction, business efficiency, and productivity while reducing cost and time to market.

About SmartSearch

SmartSearch is a unique AML, Sanction & PEP checking platform that verifies Individuals and Businesses in UK and International Markets. In the UK 1 in 3 top accountancy firms and 1 in 4 top law firms use SmartSearch, with over 1,500 firms and 12,000 users this platform is rapidly becoming the recognised standard for AML compliance.

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For further information, please contact:

Gillian Lim
CumulusPro Sr. Vice President, Marketing

Martin Cheek
SmartSearch Managing Director