Browser-Based Scan Application

CumulusPro’s Scan+ProcessLite is an award-winning browser-based application that empowers customers to scan, index and upload documents directly to Line of Business (LOB) applications or Straatos BPM platform.


Connect Customers to Business Processes

Scan+ProcessLite™ is one of many input channels of our Straatos BPM platform. With no software installation required, Scan+ProcessLite™ allows customers to scan, index and upload documents directly into the Straatos BPM platform where they can further collaborate in business processes like loan origination, customer onboarding, accounts opening and insurance claims.

Download Use Case: Simplifying physical document digitisation


Eliminate Manual Data Entry by Connecting Existing Applications

With Scan+ProcessLite™, manual data entry is a thing of the past as it connects easily to any existing LOB application or database.This means document indexes from data lookups of connected applications are auto-populated reducing data entry time and significantly lowering or eliminating data entry error rate.

Optimised for Distributed Capture Environment

Scan+ProcessLite™ is a cloud-based distributed capture solution that is accessible from anywhere. CumulusPro’s web admin panel is designed for the distributed capture environment.

To ensure consistent good image quality captured, the admin panel centrally manages and applies image quality and scanner settings like pixel size, image types for every user regardless where they are located. What’s more, changes are applied immediately with a click of the button.

Download: Scan+ProcessLite™ Datasheet


Improve Process Efficiency

Data entered by customers at the point of capture are typically of higher accuracy.

Business processes which use the data benefit from the increased accuracy by not having the need to manage data correction and validation. This means processes are performed more efficiently with shorter transaction turnaround time, resulting in lower operational cost while keeping customers satisfied.

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