What Did We Win?

CumulusPro has won the prestigious Gold Award for Project of the Year 2016 for providing the technology and developing the SmartIDV mobile app for SmartSearch’s UK Anti-Money Laundering (AML) verification platform.

Project Summary

CumulusPro built the SmartIDV app based on their proven mobile capture technology. Identity documents such as passports, driving licenses, ID cards, residency permits and other identity documents are captured using standard mobile devices and are submitted with consistent image quality that are optimised for OCR processing. With better OCR accuracy results, SmartSearch has dramatically reduced manual data validation effort and thus greatly improved customer response times. Moreover, the easy-to-use, intuitive app delivers a great user experience for SmartSearch customers, leading to a higher take-up rate of their AML services.

Key Benefits

  • Greatly improved mobile user experience (thanks to the mobile app’s intuitive user interface)
  • Increased revenue from higher take up rate of AML Services
  • Significantly increased quality of AML automated verification services, resulting in drastically reduced labour time and cost
  • No up-front capital investment, no hardware, software or maintenance costs, thanks to the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) payment model.